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My new home lab

I'm writing this article to share with you some photos of my new home lab i built on my own. It is a lab designed on my needs and on my lab equipment i already own. It had to be small to feat in a door space and at the top of a desk. On the other hand it had to be big enough to include all of my stuff. That was a challenge and i had to take advantage of any available space. In order to make it more compact and safe i also included an electrical installation.

First i designed a 3D Cad model.

3D Cad 3D Cad 3D Cad 3D Cad 3D Cad 3D Cad

After i checked that everything is correct i ordered the wood pieces which finally was made out of 16mm Melamine. 

Melamin 16mm Pieces

I firtstly assembled it on the floor to make things easier. 

Assembled on the floor

I placed it on the desk top

Placed at the top of the desk

and i started making the electrical installation. 

Making the electrical installation

Finally it looks like this: 

And...this is it! Doors expanded

As you can see on the right photo in order to take advantage of the free space on the left of the red drawer i designed a vertical drawer that can be push-pulled and hang hand tools. 

Carbon Fiber Exhaust Repair

I'm writing this post to share with you some photos of my motorbike's exhaust system repair. 

For the repair i used 1 meter of carbon fiber tape and 1 liter of resin (i didn't use all of the resin but that was the smallest available amount in the market). Total cost of the repair was about 40


Cleaning and sanding the broken place.  Placing the first carbon fiber layer 

Exhaust Repair Exhaust Repair

The final result: (On the final surface you can view some bubbles that came out because i didn't use a vacum machine)

Exhaust Repair Exhaust Repair

Macbook Pro 13.3″ Simple Sleeve

One Sunday while i was watching my grandmother's sewing machine it came on my mind to build a simple modern Sleeve for my Macbook Pro 13.3". The materials i used was what i found lying around. An old pair of blue jeans and a piece of durlap in the store room used for sack repairing. It didn't take more than one to two hours to learn how to use the sewing machine (by reading the manual and some videos on youtube) and cut the materials in the correct form.

Here is the result of the unique Candrian Sleeve

I used the bottom of the jean as a pocket in the Sleeve

UV Exposure Box V2

After a lot of tries and not well printed boards with Exposure Box V1 i ended that the problem was the light diffusion (btw my Workbench Power supply 0-30Volt 0-3A was printed on this box with very good result ). And there came the idea of building another new one UV box, hacking an existing scanner box. Scanner box is perfect for this job with a glass installed and a plastic cap. I replaced all the mechanical content of the scanner with 5 blacklight lamps and a home made timer making my life easier while waiting for the pcb exposure.

The first look

New UV exposure BOX

I added a 220V switch and a 220V power plug

New UV exposure BOX

Opening the cap you can see the five blacklight lamps

New UV exposure BOX

New UV exposure BOX

Here is my Workbench Power supply 0-30Volt 0-3A film

New UV exposure BOX

An inside look. For adjusting the distances between the lamps and keeping them stable i cut and put styrofoam covered with aluminum foil. Also the background is a cardboard covered with aluminum foil.

New UV exposure BOX

The timer

The timer

Here i soldered the cables on the back side of the pcb because the drill holes were big and destroyed the routes. Also the white cable replaces a not well printed route as the green one.

The timer

Jigsaw Base

When i started printing my own PCBs at home i was searching for a way of cutting the printed boards. I had tried lots of ways like a hand saw, a mini drill tool but nothing was that good as the jigsaw. But jigsaw was difficult to control for small PCB pieces. So i thought that it would be a good idea if i make a base to use the Jigsaw in upside down mode as a stable device like a band sawmill table. I took measurements of the jigsaw and i made a wooden base for it.

This construction also helped me to cut the aluminium boxes where i put my power supplies. It's an easy and very helpfull way of converting the jigsaw to a stable machine.


Jigsaw base

Jigsaw base

Jigsaw base

Jigsaw base


Click to download Sketchup Model.

UV Exposure Box V1

When i first started dealing with electronics i liked the idea of creating my own circuit boards at home. After a lot of searching on the internet i ended that the best way of building proto pcb boards at home is the photosensitive way. So i built an UV exposure box made of wood containing 2 UV philips lamps as shown in the fowlling pictures.

Old uv exposure box

Old uv exposure box

Old uv exposure box

Old uv exposure box

After a lot of tries and not well printed boards i ended that the problem was the light diffusion (btw my Workbench Power supply 0-30Volt 0-3A was printed on this box with very good result ).