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My new home lab

I'm writing this article to share with you some photos of my new home lab i built on my own. It is a lab designed on my needs and on my lab equipment i already own. It had to be small to feat in a door space and at the top of a desk. On the other hand it had to be big enough to include all of my stuff. That was a challenge and i had to take advantage of any available space. In order to make it more compact and safe i also included an electrical installation.

First i designed a 3D Cad model.

3D Cad 3D Cad 3D Cad 3D Cad 3D Cad 3D Cad

After i checked that everything is correct i ordered the wood pieces which finally was made out of 16mm Melamine. 

Melamin 16mm Pieces

I firtstly assembled it on the floor to make things easier. 

Assembled on the floor

I placed it on the desk top

Placed at the top of the desk

and i started making the electrical installation. 

Making the electrical installation

Finally it looks like this: 

And...this is it! Doors expanded

As you can see on the right photo in order to take advantage of the free space on the left of the red drawer i designed a vertical drawer that can be push-pulled and hang hand tools. 

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